JSCM Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Authors should submit two copies of the primary materials for their articles for consideration, one deleting all identification of the author. The anonymous copy of a submitted article will be sent out for review by scholars in the field for comment before the Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision about publication. Articles can be considered that are not yet in JSCM style, but the main text may not be in formats such as pdf or html. The initial submission should include the text in Microsoft Word format, musical examples, and illustrations. Examples, illustrations, and the like should be separate documents. Audio and video examples will be requested later, but should be clearly indicated in the main text. Submissions may be on paper or as email attachments, sent to:
  2. Kelley Harness
    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music
    Associate Professor of Musicology
    School of Music
    University of Minnesota
    2106 Fourth St. South
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    (612) 624-0298
    email: harne005@umn.edu

    To download the current version of the JSCM Style Sheet in pdf format, click here.
    To see the list of library abbrevations used in JSCM, click here.

  3. JSCM publishes articles in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Articles not in English should be accompanied by a summary in English.

  4. It is the author’s responsibility to revise accepted articles to conform with the JSCM Style Sheet.

  5. Authors are encouraged to divide their articles into numbered and titled sections. Paragraphs should not be numbered; this will be done during the editing process.

  6. Because space is not an issue in web publication, authors are encouraged to include additional reference material, such as complete texts of archival documents, glossaries, biographical notes, etc., in separate files to be linked to specific words or short phrases within the article or its references. Instructions for indicating links for such material are given in the JSCM Style Sheet.

  7. Tables should be formatted as Word tables (see the JSCM Style Sheet).

  8. After articles are accepted, authors will be asked to provide written permissions to publish copyrighted materials for figures and examples, to sign a consent form assigning copyright of the article to the Trustees of the University of Illinois (whose Press functions as the publisher of JSCM), and to provide a 75–100-word RILM abstract. For information on how to write a RILM abstract, click here.

  9. Continuous-tone and line illustrations are called “figures” in JSCM. Scanned versions of such materials are preferred for the final submission. Color illustrations are welcomed.

  10. Musical examples can be submitted in Sibelius (currently preferred) or Finale formats. If the author cannot submit examples already set electronically, special arrangements may be made.

  11. Audio and video examples should be essential to the article’s argument. MIDI examples should be included as separate files with .mid extension. Authors should consult the Editor-in-Chief regarding the most efficient way of submitting these files.

  12. Captions for all examples and figures should be written in one or more Word files (not, for example, as a heading in a Sibelius file).