Technical Notes about JSCM

Text of the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music has been prepared for use with HTTP client programs (World-Wide Web "browsers") and conform to the document tagging and structuring conventions of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) 4.0 standard.

Graphics, representing musical examples, facsimiles of original documents, and other visual materials employ the GIF 87 graphical image format.

Audio and Video examples are presented as RealNetworks® streaming media.

Streaming media, employing technologies from RealNetwork, Inc., "streams" time-sequence data (such as audio and video) over the Internet to users. To playback these examples, one must obtain the appropriate RealNetworks client program. JSCM currently provides streaming media compatible with the RealNetwork versions 5.X and G2 client programs. The G2 client is available for download from the RealNetworks download site:

MIDI files are also offered to provide audio examples. To play MIDI files you will need an audio "helper" program capable of interpreting MIDI files, or some other MIDI program than can be configured for use with your WWW browser. Information on MIDI and MIDI programs is available from numerous WWW sites; consult, for example, Harmony Central or the MIDI Editor Homepage.

The designs on the nameplate and tailpiece are taken from Jean Baptiste Lully, Atys (Paris: C. Ballard, 1689), with permission from the Sibley Music Library. Roland Hoover handset the title in 42-point Monotype Garamond, an accurate recutting of type originated by Claude Garamond (1480-1561) that was used in France throughout the seventeenth century.