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Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Volume 10 (2004) No. 1

A Note from the Editor

It is a pleasure to present this issue of the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music, the third to bring together multiple articles centered on a single topic, and the third to have the supervision of a specialist in the field as Guest Editor. Lois Rosow initiated the idea for this issue, gathered the materials, and worked with the authors and me all the way through the editorial process. The other members of JSCM’s Board and I all warmly thank her. This issue also represents another step in taking advantage of the possibilities of web publication: for the first time we have video as well as audio examples, not to mention a large number of examples in musical notation, and photographic figures.

We have seen no need to separate such issues from the regular series, “special” though they be, and the coincidence that there were two in a row does not signal a change in policy. Most issues will continue to contain articles and reviews on a broad array of seventeenth-century topics, and individual articles are always welcome (see the Guidelines for Contributors).

This is the first issue of JSCM for which I have served as Editor-in-Chief, and it coincides with several changes in the team who make it possible. We warmly thank Margaret Mikulska, out-going Technical Editor, for all of her work over the past five years; we welcome Jeffrey Kurtzman, who is replacing me on an interim basis as Reviews Editor, and Mary Paquette-Abt in the new position of Copy Editor. Since the last issue, the following members of the Editorial Board completed their terms of service: Linda Austern, Stewart A. Carter, Steven E. Saunders, Christoph Wolf, and Peter Wollny, and we thank them all for their many contributions. We welcome to the Board Mauro Calcagno, Richard Charteris, Rebecca Harris-Warrick, and Denis Herlin. And as promised, Kerala Snyder is continuing to help us as Consulting Editor. The full listing of the editorial team can be seen in the Masthead. Finally, I wish to thank Paul Arroyo and his staff at the University of Illinois Press for extensive and cooperative technical work in publishing JSCM for the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music.

Bruce Gustafson (Bruce.Gustafson@fandm.edu)

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