Factual Errors

Pages vii and xiv: Eleonora Gonzaga is described as Ferdinand III’s mother; she was his stepmother.

Note 23: the harmonic movement is described as “leading via D back to G”; the opposite is true.


Page ix: Koldau provides no citation for her information on the musical preferences at the Habsburg court in Vienna, though her information clearly comes from Steven Saunders, Cross, Sword and Lyre: Sacred Music at the Imperial Court of Ferdinand II of Habsburg (16191637) (Oxford: Clarendon, 1995).

Typographical Errors

Page x, Table 2: a line is improperly placed between the two Magnificat settings.

Page xi, first column: “chiarette” should read “chiavette.”

Page xi, second column: the concluding sentence of the last full paragraph should probably read “cadences on A” instead of “cadences in A.”

Page xvi, last full paragraph of the first column: Rigatti’s name is preceded by “the.”