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Volume 13, no. 1:

Simon Maguire*

Johann Jacob Froberger: A Hitherto Unrecorded Autograph Manuscript1

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Index of Facsimiles2

No. 8 (Caprice in E Minor, unique), last page: page 11

No. 18 (Gigue in G Minor, FbWV 618/2 [Adler 2:53]), last measure: page 13

No. 29 (Allemande in D Major, FbWV 620/1 [Adler 2:57]), first page (mm. 1–4.5): page 4; last strain (mm. 12–end): pages 8 and 9; closing text: page 7

No. 33 (Méditation in G Minor, unique), first page: page 10; detail: front cover

No. 34 (Tombeau in F Minor, FbWV 633 [Adler 3:116–7]), last page: page 5; detail of ending: page 6

Binding, back cover: pages 2 and 3; details: pages 14 and 15, back cover


* Simon Maguire ( is Senior Expert in the Book and Manuscript Department, Sotheby’s Europe. Stephen Roe and Peter Wollny also contributed to the writing of this catalogue.

1 This catalogue was originally published by Sotheby’s in London as a supplement to the Music Catalogue for the auction on 30 November 2006. It is reproduced here by generous permission of Sotheby’s. JSCM is grateful for the help and cooperation of Stephen Roe, Head of the Book and Manuscript Department, Sotheby’s Europe. The manuscript was purchased by a private collector.

2 The pieces are identified by Siegbert Rampe’s thematic numbering (FbWV), published in the second edition of MGG (Personenteil, s.v. “Froberger”); and Guido Adler’s edition in Denmäler der Tonkunst in österreich (Graz: Akademische Druck- u. Verlagasanstalt, 1897–1903; reprint edition, 1959) by volume and page number.

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