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Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Volume 14 (2008) No. 1

A Note from the Editor

This issue of the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music presents three essays that all involve Italian music in only partially Italian contexts. Alexander Fisher elucidates the role of the Munich anthologist Victorinus in promulgating the Italian sacred concerto in southern Germany and Austria; Bruno Forment’s study of Arcadian opera has forays as far north as Stockholm; and Michele Cabrini’s review deals with a Venetian composer rudely transplanted to Paris.

We encourage communications from readers about issues that our articles and reviews treat. Such communications are published in a subsequent issue of JSCM, with a note and link appended to the original article.

Proposals from authors for articles are always welcome at JSCM (see the Guidelines for Contributors). I call authors’ attention to the fact that we publish a Style Sheet, which can be downloaded from the Guidelines page. Another page on our site, Support JSCM, encourages financial support from readers who find JSCM useful. We have no intention of charging any fee to read this journal, but its production is not without considerable expense.

Relatively new to the JSCM website is the series we have named “JSCM Instrumenta.” The series consists of individual collections of data to provide resources that aid in the study and performance of seventeenth-century music. Unlike articles in JSCM, “instrumenta” are revised by the author when new information is discovered. A number of works have been accepted for the series and are in varying states of development; new proposals are certainly invited.

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