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A Note from the Editor

With this issue we commence publication as the official, refereed journal of the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music. During the months of silence since the appearance of our prototype issue last year we have assembled an editorial board, developed policies, and begun the process of collecting articles, sending them out for peer review, and preparing them for publication. Since we do not have to worry about contractual obligations to a printer, we have decided to publish single articles as soon as they are ready rather than holding them until a traditional multi-article issue could be assembled. Here, as in every aspect of this journal, we aim to uphold the highest standards of our discipline in the scholarly essentials while exploring all the possibilities that this flexible new medium offers. I am delighted that the first article to be ready was written by a member of the Editorial Board, Alexander Silbiger.

We continue to investigate various options in presenting sound with our articles. In this issue we offer three examples of harpsichord music in MIDI format. The degree to which they resemble an actual harpsichord will vary with the configuration of individual computers. MIDI's advantage lies in the fact that its files are much smaller than recorded audio files, and therefore they can be downloaded much more quickly. For example, Sanford's 19-second audio example 5 in volume 1 (note 1) occupies 1,170 kilobytes of disk space, whereas Silbiger's 45-second MIDI example 1 in this issue uses only 1.99 kilobytes. Please refer to the technical notes on the Journal's home page for more information on MIDI format and send me your comments concerning its use in this article.

Kerala J. Snyder <>

1. Sally A. Sanford, "A Comparison of French and Italian Singing in the Seventeenth Century," Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music 1 (1995) <http://www.sscm-jscm/v1/no1/sanford.html>, par. 2.6.

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Jonathan Glixon, "Far il buon concerto: Music at the Venetian Scuole Piccole in the Seventeenth Century," Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music 1 (1995) <>, par. 2.3.

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