Holy Concord within Sacred Walls: Nuns and Music in Siena, 15751700.  By Colleen Reardon.  Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2002.

Chapter Titles

1.“Illustrious Sienese Women Worthy of Remembrance”: Nuns and Convent Life in Siena, 15501700

2. Gl’angeli mettano una corona alla monaca che canta:  Musical Activities in the Early Modern Sienese Convent

3. Veni, veni soror nostra:  Clothing, Profession, and Consecration Ceremonies in Sienese Convents

4. Foolish Virgins:  Music in Sienese Convent Theatrical Productions during the Seventeenth Century

5. Divas in the Convent:  The Role of Music in the vite of Sienese Holy Women

6. Alla città ritorna:  The Chigi, the Convent, and Opera in Siena, 16691686

7. Weeping and Rejoicing:  Lamentations and Motets for Nuns in Seventeenth-Century Siena