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Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Volume 15 (2009) No. 1

A Note from the Editor

This issue of the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music reflects the wide diversity in current scholarship in seventeenth-century musical studies. The four articles treat Italian cantatas, English harpsichord music, French opera in Antwerp, and the intersection of solo and ensemble music by a German violinist in England. The reviews are equally varied, dealing with Buxtehude’s organ music, Italian sacred music in Germany, the soundscape of early America, gospel motets in Germany, and motets by Charpentier in France. Related to the last review is a Communication announcing a previously unrecognized autograph manuscript of Charpentier.

This issue has been considerably delayed for a variety of reasons; this explains why there are occasional references to publications or descriptions that postdate 2009, the official date of the issue. I am pleased to be able to say, however, that JSCM is now moving ahead, and the next issues are already in production, so we are headed towards getting back on schedule.

Please note that we have moved: JSCM is no longer published by the University of Illinois Press, as the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music has returned to exercising direct control of its journal. Physically, JSCM is on an independent server; the URL remains http://www.sscm-jscm.org/, but some readers may well have bookmarked a version of the URL that included “press.illinois.edu,” which is no longer valid. We are grateful to Paul Arroyo for implementing the transition and for serving as technical editor for the present volume.

Volume 15, no. 1, is the last issue of JSCM for which I will serve as Editor-in-Chief. My work for the Journal has been enormously rewarding, starting as Reviews Editor in 1995 (vol. 1) and then taking on my current role in 2004 (vol. 10). We welcome Kelley Harness as the next Editor-in-Chief, and she is already hard at work on the next volumes. To assure continuity, I will remain an ex officio member of JSCM’s editorial board, as does our founding Editor-in-Chief, Kerala Snyder.

We encourage communications from readers about issues that our articles and reviews treat. Such communications are published in a subsequent issue of JSCM, with a note and link appended to the original article.

Proposals from authors for articles are always welcome at JSCM (see the Guidelines for Contributors). I call authors’ attention to the fact that we publish a Style Sheet, which can be downloaded from the Guidelines page. Another page on our site, Support JSCM, encourages financial support from readers who find JSCM useful. We have no intention of charging any fee to read this journal, but its production is not without considerable expense.

Bruce Gustafson (harne005@umn.edu)

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