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Volume 8, no. 1:

A Note from the Editor*

With this issue, the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music appears for the first time under the banner of the University of Illinois Press. Readers already familiar with the Journal will notice some technical improvements right away, most notably much faster loading speed and a powerful search engine. And all of our readers will undoubtedly be pleased to know that the Journal is still free to everyone on the World Wide Web. The Society for Seventeenth-Century Music remains responsible for its editorial content, and we trust that you will be as pleased with this new association as we are.

The Society for Seventeenth-Century Music published the first seven volumes of the Journal from a server at Harvard University, thanks to the generosity of one of its members, John Howard, who administered the American RISM site from that server. Beginning with Volume 6 (2000), the Journal appeared under its own domain name,, which the University of Illinois Press has allowed us to keep. Readers who have bookmarked articles or reviews under the Harvard URL of the earlier volumes will have to change them, however.

This issue features a major article by Jeffrey Kurtzman and Linda Maria Koldau that could only have been published on the World Wide Web. Their study of instruments used in Venetian processions and ceremonies contains fifty-eight illustrations, thirty of them in color. And lurking within the citations in the endnotes are links to the original texts of sixty-seven documents that support this research. Careful readers will note that this issue also contains a review by Alexander Silbiger of an edition by our Reviews Editor, Bruce Gustafson. It would indeed be a shame if our Reviews Editor could not have his own work reviewed in this Journal, but the potential conflict of interest cannot be overlooked. Readers may nonetheless rest assured that I have edited this review myself, and he will not see it until this issue is published.

We have taken the opportunity offered by the transition to the University of Illinois Press to do some technical housekeeping, repairing some broken links and improving our audio examples. Sally Sanford recorded the examples for her article in Volume 1 (1995) on a stereo DAT tape, but at the time we could publish them only as monaural audio files; now you can hear them in streaming stereo. It is the policy of the Journal not to change the content of an article once it has been published, but the flexibility of this medium allows for later additions and corrections, clearly marked as such. E-mail addresses may be silently corrected if this does not reflect a change in position for the author; otherwise the new address is noted as such. Authors of earlier articles and reviews are always welcome to send updated material to the Editor. And authors of works reviewed are invited to continue the scholarly discourse by responding to a review in the Journal, as Peter Allsop and Pieter Dirksen have done in this issue. Finally we welcome comments from all our readers on any aspect of the Journal, either directly to the Editor or to the Society's electronic discussion list, SSCM-L.

Kerala J. Snyder (

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